Dear friends,

Life is full of surprises and changes. There are moments in which we share something wonderful. We have enjoyed over these past six months sharing a few things with you. However, sadly, we must announce that we too are subject to changes. April will be our last exhibit at the Towpath House.

Art Bites was conceived about a year ago in a pop up manner. Something small, wonderful and unexpected. We have been fortunate to have this space on Second Street. Our lease is up and the building is going on the market, so we too are moving on.

We shall pause and reflect - out of this something else will come - something brilliant, illuminating, perhaps unexpected. We are excited about future directions that continue the Art Bites concept. Already we have ideas and we will share these with you in time. But as the willow bends with the wind - Art Bites Gallery bows to these changes.

Click on the video link above to enjoy a look at the past six months of our endeavor at the Towpath House.

Stay tuned for updates and more!

Janice + Simon